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  • Veneers

    Veneers can be a great way to improve the look of your smile. Your veneers are custom crafted to look like your existing teeth and fit seamlessly. From all over Monrovia, Monrovia, Arcadia, Pasadena, Mount Wilson, San Gabriel, Duarte, Temple City, Altadena, patients have been coming to Dr. Challita to get the right veneers that fit their own personal needs and lifestyles.

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  • Digital X-rays

    Even if you don’t have any symptoms, there may be more going on with your oral health below the surface. X-rays can be used to generate radiographic images of areas the dentist is interested in viewing more in depth. Dr. Challita’s specially trained team takes every precaution when using state of the art digital X-ray imaging technology.

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  • Bonding

    Bonding is a procedure normally used to repair imperfections and minor chips on front teeth. It’s also commonly used to fill in the gaps between teeth. For larger cracks and crooked or misaligned teeth, porcelain veneers or invisalign ( invisible braces) are usually used. When bonding is applied the material used is what dentists use for white or composite fillings.

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  • We Offer Comfortable and Affordable Dental Visits!

    Dr. Challita is enthusiastic about providing expert dental work as well as making sure our patients have a healthy foundation with perfect oral hygiene. Dr. Challita's well trained staff is dedicated to ensuring our high standards are met with every patient that walks in the door. We know that every patient has different needs and by choosing our practice, our community of patients will receive thorough care during their dental examinations, procedures, and professional dental cleanings.

  • We Welcome New Patients!

    Dr. Challita has 22 years of experience with families. We pride our business on oral expertise for Monrovia’s families. We treat our patients using the most advanced state of the art technology. Call (626) 355-2211 today for your appointment! 


    Dr. Challita is the finest dentist I have ever had and I'm almost 60! His staff are warm and helpful but nothing compares, however, to the care and professionalism of Dr. Challita. He takes the time to explain, answer questions and ensures you are comfortable throughout a procedure. Twenty-four hours after my root canal I got a call from Dr. Challita himself, just making sure I was doing okay. Dental work is expensive, but this is office operates on integrity first, not profit. I recommend this dentist, without reservation.

    by Lyric M.

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