• Testimonials

  • Dr. Patrick Challita, Ruth and Julie are absolutely wonderful! Every time I've visited them, they've been a delight to work with. I'd received an estimate from another dentist who claimed I needed tons of work that my insurance wouldn't be able to cover completely. Dr. Challita took one look at my x-rays and, to my surprise and relief, said none of that was true.

    Just recently I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and it was a MUCH better experience than I ever imagined! After the extraction, I wasn't doing too well and everyone at the office helped to get me feeling better again AND followed up with me that evening and next day. Couldn't ask for more :)

    Adriana P.

  • Went to Dr. Challita for the first time today. My past dentist seemed to always wanted to 'up sell' a cosmetic procedure and seem to be more about how many patients they could see in a day, not Dr. Challita. To start with, he does not work out of a medical office building, but in what looks like a converted house. Which automatically made me relax for some reason. When I saw the big tv on the wall showing a computer generated aquarium, that was another point. His staff was very friendly and put me at ease from the moment I walked in and they actually took the time to listen to me. I had a tooth that had been killing me and turned out I needed a root canal. He was constantly Making sure I was comfortable. By the end, I decided that I have found my new dentist.

    Matthew S.

  • My family and I have been coming to Dr. Challita for years now. My insurance does not cover my visits to him but, I dont mind paying out of pocket. I have a history of receding gums and Dr. Challita said he would do grafting for each side of my gums. I went to a Periodontist who quoted me $1,300 per tooth!!! I went back to Dr. Challita to do the grafting surgery and I couldnt be happier. He even went out of his way to call me the next day to see how I was feeling. I highly recommend him for dental cleaning, x-rays and grafting if you have receding gums. You feel like a real person and he really cares about his work. I usually have Diane Swanson do my cleaning and she is awesome as well.

    J T.

  • I have been having a major toothache, like I've never had before. Even though I was a brand new patient, Julie at the front desk squeezed me in the afternoon I called, and Dr. Challita saw me right away. He tapped and poked around in there, took an x-ray, and then told me the pain was most likely coming from my sinuses as I've had a bad cold for the past 3 weeks. Whew, another dentist could have given me a big song and dance routine about cavities or decay etc and charged me a for a complicated procedure. Not Dr. Chaillita - just showed me the x-rays, explained everything to me, and sent me on my way for wishes for good health. I ended up deciding to make an appointment for a cleaning and an exam, and having my records from my previous dentist mailed to him.

    He was friendly and warm, and I enjoyed talking with him about our kids. The office was super clean and, though not exceptionally high tech, it seemed absolutely sufficient.

    Thanks, Yelpers, for helping me find a terrific dentist!

    Anya T.

  • Dr. Challita and his staff are wonderful! I called in the afternoon because I had a toothache that had kept me up for 2 nights straight and made my ear hurt terribly. My dentist had retired so I did some investigating, read about Dr. Challita online and decided to give his office a call. Julie at the front desk fit me in within the hour and the Dr. saw me right away. It turned out that I needed a root canal and they stayed late in order to treat me so I could go home with the pain behind me. He was very reassuring, knowledgeable and gentle and turned what might have been a horrible situation into a really nice one (considering there was a root canal involved!).

    Paulette G.

  • I've been seeing Dr. Challiita for most of my life. He is very gentle and thorough. He pulled my wisdom teeth out (he can't put you down so I was awake) and he called me for the 3 or 4 days after, to check in and make sure I was ok. When I also had trouble a couple of weeks later (wisdom teeth related) he took me in twice without charge.

    The dental hygenists he has working there are also amazing. I never have trouble getting an appointment and the staff is friendly and helpful, and remembers who you are.

    Kate B.

  • I love Dr. Challita and everyone else in the office. They are all extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and all around great people. I had to go to another dentist for insurance purposes and it was horrible. They told me that I needed a lot of expensive dental work that I did not need. I came back to Dr Challita because I know that I can trust him.

    Heather S.